Neal Lampley with Meridian Capital

I want to let you know about someone who’s helped me expand my business immensely; Neal Lamply at Meridian Capital. On more than one occasion, Neal’s listened to the specifics of my deal and found a great funding solution. Give him a call when you’re considering your next deal. You won’t be sorry!

You can get in touch with Neal at (615) 377-6589 or (quicker response may be the email!).

Q: What is your strength in the market? What do you see as your strongest value?

A: Speed. I set up Meridian so that we could help people fund deals when other financing fell apart, to stop foreclosure on a purchase, and in general to help them get in a deal quickly.Looks fine

Q: What is your favorite sort of deal?

A: We offer very reasonable bridge financing (typically a handful of days)as well as rehab loans for flips and/or buyingrentals that they will quickly refinance.

Q: How would you describe your ideal deal?

A: Honestly I like to see how the investor will make money – so deals typically need to be at a steep discount. Any deal that has a great margin is likely a fit for me. Even if our client has a lot equity to put into a deal, our preference is to fund deals where everybody is making money.

Q: Do you work with new investors?

A: Typically no – I need to see some experience in investor real estate.  However, if we have an investor with very little experience, we will consider lending to them if they have an experienced, licensed contractor with references to handle any rehab.

Q: Anything more you’d like to share?

A: I’m more than happy to chat about a potential deal with folks – have them run it by me ahead. When someone brings me a deal I’m very inclined to call around and see what other folksthink about deals – I’m on the phone talking to investors about deals nearly all day.

Q: How would you like people to contact you?

A: Email is probably best – send to both Dan ( and me ( to get the quickest response

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