Mike Todd with IRA Innovations

Mike and I have done several deals together, because he’s always ready to think creatively about funding. Getting an IRA set to use for investment real estate is his bread and butter.

Give him a call or shoot him an email. Be sure to tell him I sent you!

Here are his answers to several frequently asked questions:

Q: What is your strength in the market? What do you see as your strongest value?

A: Helping folks understand how their IRA can grow by investing in alternative investments – your IRA is allowed to invest in areas outside of stocks, mutual funds and the such. Many of our clients are in the real estate space having their IRAs make personal loans and having their IRAs buy rental properties.

Q: What is your favorite sort of deal?

A: One where my client feels empowered to grow their retirement fund in a manner they understand and where it that helps them meet their goals.

Q: How would you describe the perfect investor or deal for you? 

A: Someone who has a 401(k) to roll into a self-directed IRA all the way to a person building their IRA from $0.

Q: Do you work with new investors?

A: Absolutely. I’ve helped thousands of folks around the country understand how IRA Innovations can help them meet their goals.

Q: Anything more you’d like to share?

A: I’m very available. I talk to all sorts of investor groups nationwide and I am available at my Brentwood office to meet individually with folks to help them understand how powerful self-directed IRAs are.

Q: How would you like people to contact you?

A: Have them call my office at 651-794-8961 or via email at mike@irainnovations.com.

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