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How Do I Get Started in Real Estate?

Often people ask me ‘How do I get started in real estate?” I struggle with this because there are so many different ways. Typically the asker has very little money, is in a dead end job they don’t like, their life position is not fulfilling and they’re looking for an...

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3 Real Estate Mistakes That Are Costing You Your Best Deals

I don’t need to tell you that there’s a TON of information out there about how to be successful in real estate investment. But for every article you read that tells you to do A, there’s another article that reads “NEVER do A! If you want to be successful, do B!” With...

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Build Your Portfolio 

My goal for these Build Your Portfolio classes taught with REIN in the Nashville area is to share the valuable knowledge that I’ve gained over the past 3 years about wealth building through real estate. Hope to see you there! Click HERE for more info.


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Testimonials from People Like You!

Thank you Philip for Deals Deals Deals I’m able to buy houses with no money out of my pocket. I am now looking to buy apartment so if anyone have apartments triplexes let me know…

Gregory Holland

Extremely knowledgable and down to earth. Really breaks real estate investing down in a way that people can easily understand.

Rebecca Moreland

Very knowledgeable of Real Estate Investing. Highly recommend taking any class he is teaching. People enjoy working with Phillip on numerous projects and deals. Take his exclusive Fund Everything Class. The people I met in the class I stay in touch with and we have provided each other business and opportunities.

Stewart Parks

I have watched Philip Rykwalder walk through this journey in a short period of time and I can tell you he is the real deal and has definitely learn how to make a ton of money in a short. Of time using other people’s money. If you want to learn how to make money I can tell you without a doubt there is no one better to teach you than this man . Way to go brother I am super proud of you.

Marshall Sparkman

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